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About MJ

Although my name is Melita I often refer to myself as MJ.  M and J were my original initials before I got married.  I love being married and proudly carry my husband’s surname; however, I’ve always been proud of who I was before marital life and hence wanted to carry part of the old me alongside the newer me. 

In regards to my professional self, I have worked with children aged 0-16 years for over 27 years.  When I started working with children I quickly became fascinated with children’s behaviour, hence the reason it has become my life’s work.  In undertaking the task of learning about and understanding children I gained qualifications in early childhood, teaching, child and family interventions and social sciences. 


I currently work as a child and family therapist and early childhood teacher. The mix of the two professions means I not only get to work alongside children and learn more about what makes them tick but also that I get to practice what I preach. 


Unsurprisingly, my professional goals are as they were 27 years ago – to keep learning about children so that I can provide the best insights into what makes children tick and what makes family life as smooth as possible.

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