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The Secret to Decoding Children's Behaviour

by MJ Fisher

B. Soc. Sc.; GradDip Teaching; Dip. Care and Ed.

The challenges faced by adults


Many adults caring for children would fail to disagree that their time is always pressed. Unfortunately matters can and are often made worse when some children behave in a manner that is not conducive to the benefit of all those who live or play with them. When children’s behaviour tests limits, adults can find themselves challenged and feeling at a loss. So what’s the answer to fixing behavioural problems?


The sad truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Why? Because some strategies work for some children and not for others. Added to this fact, children’s misbehaviour can be the result of a developmental delay or potentially the result of in-home circumstances such as family breakdown, violence, poverty, or learnt behaviour. The upside in this picture of doom and gloom is that there is an extraordinary snippet of knowledge that can help you to turn children’s behaviour around. 


Decoding children’s behaviour


To be able to understand where children's behaviour comes from and what motivates behavioural choices we need to delve into the neurobiology of the human brain. Years’ worth of university degrees will inform you that the brain is a complex organ and has too many functions to make it practical for the everyday lay person to understand. To simplify matters let's break it down into two simple parts...

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